The University of California (UC) system consists of a total of ten campuses, nine of which are open for undergraduate students. The UC system is world renowned for its academic excellence and research emphasis.  Nearly 30 percent of UC undergraduates are transfer students!  The University of California believes that transfer students add to the diversity of interests and backgrounds of their campuses.  Priority consideration is given to California Community College students applying for admission to the UC as juniors over other transfer applicants.


California Community College students planning to transfer to a UC campus are required to complete 60 UC-transferable units by the end of the Spring semester prior to transfer for the following Fall semester. These 60 units must include a specific minimum 7-course general education pattern and all of the major preparation classes for your major.  See UC Transfer Admission Requirements  for more specifics.

• The seven GE courses should be chosen from the IGETC Worksheet.  
• The two English composition courses must be chosen from Area 1A and Area 1B of IGETC. 
• Major prep classes can be looked up on the ASSIST website or students can choose to follow a UC Pathway.


GPA Requirement


To be eligible for UC admission, you must have a minimum 2.4 GPA for your UC-transferable courses, although some majors and some campuses will require a higher GPA for admission.  You can find this information by searching “Selective Major Requirements” on the website for each campus you are considering.


Full or Partial IGETC?


We recommend that most students complete the entire IGETC pattern prior to transfer.  However, students planning to major in one of the STEM majors should focus on completing major prep courses and may not have time to complete all of IGETC before transfer.  These students will need to complete the minimum 7-course GE pattern along with their major prep courses.


Transfer Counseling


We encourage you to consult with a Mendocino College Counselor for assistance in interpreting the information presented here and on these websites and to develop an education plan for UC transfer.


Six UC campuses offer the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program for California community college students who meet specific requirements. By participating in TAG, you may receive early review of your academic records, early admission notification and specific guidance about major preparation and general education coursework.

TAG applications are due Sept. 30 each year.  In order to be eligible for the TAG program, you must have already completed at least 30 UC-transferable units by the summer prior to the following fall transfer.


You can only apply for a TAG to one campus during each application period. If your TAG application is approved, that means that you are guaranteed admission to a specific major at that campus as long as you complete the remaining courses in your TAG agreement with the GPA that is specified in that agreement.  You must also submit a UC application for admission during the regular application period (Nov. 1-30 for Fall admission) for your intended TAG major.  However, you are not committed to attend that UC campus yet.  You are still free to apply to other UC campuses or any other university of your choice.

The minimum standards to qualify for a TAG depend on the campus and the major for which you are applying.  Select the campus below to see detailed TAG requirements for the major that you plan to study at that campus. 

UC Merced link
UC Riverside link
UC Santa Barbara link

Create an account with UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) your first semester at Mendocino College to assist you in planning your coursework and keeping track of coursework completed.