Welcome to Mendocino College's District Strategic Planning page!

Aerial view of ukiah campus
Ukiah campus, aerial view.


Here, we dive into the essential documents that shape our institution's direction and ensure its continued success.

Our Mission and Vision are the guiding stars that steer us toward excellence. These documents serve as the foundation for our District Priorities, which act as a roadmap for growth and development. From these Priorities, we craft the Educational Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan, and Technology Master Plan, ensuring that we provide exceptional education, cutting-edge facilities, and innovative technology solutions to our valued community of students, faculty, and visitors.

We understand the importance of these plans in creating an environment that fosters knowledge, growth, and achievement. That's why we invite you to explore the links and resources below, where you'll find detailed information.

Planning for Mendocino College fits within the guiding work of accreditation. Accreditation is an external, independent review of a college or university to ensure that the education provided meets acceptable levels of quality. It forms a critical part of our college's reputation and continuous improvement. For a more comprehensive understanding of our accreditation, we encourage you to visit our Accreditation page. This page provides a wealth of information on the subject, offering insight into our commitment to maintaining and enhancing the high standards of education at Mendocino College.

We encourage your support as we work together to advance these strategic priorities and shape the future of Mendocino College.

Education Master Plan

2023-2029 Education Master Plan


Technology Action Plan

2020-2023 Technology Action Plan


Facilities Master Plan

2020-2025 Facilities Master Plan