Career Counseling

The time that you spend at Mendocino College is a valuable time in your life when you are exploring possibilities for your future. The goal of career counseling services is to help students learn how to make informed decisions in their educational and career choices. Whether you are undecided about your major/career or know exactly where you want to end up, speaking to a career counseling is a great way to ensure you make informed decisions when it comes to setting and reaching your goals. All students are strongly encouraged to meet with a career counselor prior to their first educational planning appointment. Start exploring your options today!

A career counselor can help you with the following:

  • Learn about academic majors and career technical programs at Mendocino College
  • Help you explore and clarify career paths if you are undecided
  • Assist you in creating a plan for your academic and career goals
  • Help you explore majors and academic programs that fit with your desired career choice
  • Provide you with tools and resources to research career options
  • Recommend various career assessments and help you synthesize your assessment results

Get Started

Taking a career assessment is a great starting point if you are feeling undecided about what career path you are interested in pursuing. A career assessment can help you determine potential careers that might bring job satisfaction. A variety of assessments are available to give you a better idea about specific aspects of yourself as related to career planning, such as interests, personality, values, and skills.

Take a career assessment using one of the assessment tools below and find out what majors and career paths might be a good fit for you. We recommend you schedule a 30-minute appointment with a career counselor after completing an assessment to debrief and synthesize your results.

  • Wingspans- Wingspans is an immersive career platform that guides you on your career discovery journey through storytelling. Explore over 700 real world stories about work through the eyes of real people in a variety of jobs. Start by completing a personality assessment to discover career possibilities that are right for you: 
  • CCC Career Coach- Use this website to take an interest-based career assessment to learn about yourself, discover majors and in-demand careers, and learn more about academic programs offered through the California Community College system: 
  • California Career Zone- Take an interest or values assessment to learn more about potential career paths that align with you. This website allows you to browse through California’s 15 leading industry sectors/career pathways and discover your possibilities:
  • Career OneStop- Take an interest, skills, or values assessment to learn what kind of career might be a good fit. While you’re there, take a moment to explore their collection of videos on hundreds of different careers:
  • 16 Personalities- Take a personality assessment based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) to assess yourself, how you work with others, and what work environments are a good fit:

Do you feel like you need more time to explore your options? Mendocino College offers courses that can help you explore majors and careers while developing a better sense of self and clarifying academic, career and personal goals. Consider taking one of the following courses while earning college credit! These courses are offered during the fall, spring & summer semesters.

  • CCS-100: Career Planning Success (1.5-3.0 units): Begin your career planning process and find the best career options, based on their strengths, interests, and values. Earn CSU transferable elective credit. Want to learn more about the course content? View the Course Outline of Record here: 
  • CCS-101: Career & Life Planning (3 units): Establish and achieve education, career, and life goals through a comprehensive approach to effective planning. Meets CSU General Education Transfer requirement Area E and Mendocino College Wellness degree requirement. Want to learn more about the course content? View the Course Outline of Record here: 


Whether you want to declare a major, change your major, or explore careers that relate to a major, there is a lot to discover about your potential options. Here at the college we offer degrees and certificates from seven Career and Learning Pathways:

Use the following resources to help you identify areas of study that are right for you:

Once you are ready to declare a major, be sure to meet with a counselor to discuss the required courses and create an education plan. 

Additional major and degree exploration resources:

After you start identifying potential career paths and occupations of interest, it is important to continue gathering information to determine if it's the right fit for you. Informed career decisions benefit from in-depth research to obtain an understanding of day-to-day experiences, work environment, regional location, upward mobility, and more. Be sure to consider additional details for positions you are researching, such as job tasks, educational requirements, skills and qualifications, job outlook and employment projection, and wages and salary. Use the following websites to help you gather this information:

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook- An online government source listing hundreds of occupations with job descriptions, education, training, median pay & projected job growth rate:
  • O*NET Online- A primary source of occupational information, offering detailed and up-to-date descriptions on U.S. occupations:
  • North Far North Careers- Research and explore industries and programs in the northern region of California. You'll learn more about top occupations, academic programs within the CA Community College system to pursue these occupations, and helpful information regarding work tasks, typical activities, and average pay:
  • CCC Career Coach- In addition to taking a career assessment, you can also gather information about various career sectors, including median salary, top entry-level education, annual job openings, and daily tasks: 
  • Salary Surfer- Provides potential wages of community college graduate earnings for certain majors after two and five years of graduating.  Does not include salary information about students who transfer to a 4-yr university:
  • My Skills My Future- Matches you to new jobs using your skills from current and previous jobs:

Looking for additional resources for career exploration or need help with searching for a job and gaining work experience? Visit the Career Hub and Work Experience Education (WEE) pages to learn more:

Career Hub services include:

  • Career Assessment
  • Job Searching
  • Resume & Cover Letter Assistance
  • Mock Interview Coaching
  • Employment Connections On- & Off-Campus
  • Career-Related Workshops & Events
  • Career Fairs
Work Experience Education is a program offering a simultaneous educational and career pathway experience for students and learn while earning credits/units and an income. Highlights include: 
  • Credits/Units can be applied to certificates and degrees and are transferable to CSU system  
  • Practicum/Internship/Completion of Studies  (Hours of Paid and Unpaid Work = Credits/Units)  
  • Open enrollment throughout the semester & courses can be repeated for up to 4 semesters 
  • Paid/unpaid internships and externships, job shadowing, and volunteering are all part of the approaches to WEE 
  • No class attendance other than a mandatory orientation at class start
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Fall 2023 Career Counseling Hours:

All appointments are conducted remotely via phone or Zoom

Tuesday-Thursday 9:30 am-5:00 pm 


Ready to make your appointment? 

Career counseling provided by Brenda Estrada:

Dive deeper into your goals in a 30-minute session with a career counselor by calling (707) 468-3048 or emailing to schedule your appointment. When scheduling your appointment, please indicate whether you prefer a phone or Zoom appointment. For appointments, please ensure you have access to log into your My Mendo account.

Need an earlier or later counseling appointment? Contact Brenda Estrada, Adjunct Counselor, at

Career and Major Exploration Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you learn about the different major and career technical education options available at Mendocino College. We will also go over strategies and tools for engaging in meaningful career exploration.

The dates for the live workshop have passed. If you missed the workshop, please watch a recording here:

Future dates for Fall 2023 to be determined.



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