Tim Karas

Mendocino College takes pride in being a community college with outstanding academics and exceptional  support programs. We provide education opportunities at our Ukiah Campus, Lake County Center, North  County Center, Coast Center, online, and in partnership with many local school districts. Our purpose is to  provide you with a world-class education so that you too can achieve your dreams. You are a member of a  caring and inspiring learning community. Our faculty, staff, and administrators are committed to providing  supportive and empowering experiences inside and out of the classroom that allow you to see your own  highest potential as a learner and global citizen.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a workforce certificate or a transfer degree, we will provide you  with the foundational knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Our students have a long history of going  on to fulfill their educational goals whether they be in the arts and letters, in agriculture, the sciences,  health care, social and human services, business, technology or as a first-responder. Mendocino College  prepares students for life in the new economy. Whether your goal is to become a college professor or a child care provider, we provide you with high quality training to prepare you for the next step of transfer to a four year institution or employment.

I wish you an affirming, positive and inspiring journey while here at Mendocino College. We are all here to ensure that you have one. Welcome!


Timothy Karas, Ed.D