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The Information Technology (IT) Department supports students, staff, faculty, and administrators in their use of technology for both administrative and instructional use at Mendocino College.

Some of the technologies we support include:

  • Ellucian Colleague, Self-Service, and Mobile
  • MyMendo Campus Portal
  • Office 365 for Staff and Students
  • G Suite for Education for Students
  • Website
  • College Telephone System
  • Administrative and Instructional Networks including wired and wireless
  • College's Connection to the Internet via CENIC

And more every day!

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Account Recovery Options:


When using these options, the system will email you at the personal email account that we have in your records. If you don't have access to that email, contact support at the options listed below.

MyMendo can be accessed at:

As a student you can access Office 365 using their college email account. Step-by-step instructions for activating your Office 365 account are available.

Staff, faculty, and administration can access their campus email off campus at:


MyMendo can be accessed at:

For assistance contact us via:

General Help Resources

Students, staff, and guests can access our expanded wireless network at the Ukiah Campus and at each of our centers. The same wireless networks are available at each location.

Wireless Networks:

  • Mendo Guest - A public Wi-Fi network intended for non-student/staff visitors. Users must provide a text phone number or personal email address in order to register to use the network. They will need to register each day they connect to the network. This guide shows you how to log into the Mendo Guest network.
  • MendoOnBoard - To use the staff/student Mendocino network, you start by connecting to this network to complete the onboarding process. You'll only need to do that the first time you connect and once a year after that. This network does not provide Internet access. It is only for onboarding.
  • Mendocino - The staff and student network. It requires you to complete the onboarding process using your college username/password. Once onboarded, you can connect to this network each time you visit a district site.

Onboarding Tips:

We have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page about onboarding to the new Wi-Fi network.

You can onboard before you get on campus by visiting the Onboarding Site and completing the process up until the step where it attempts to connect to the Mendocino wireless network.

The onboarding process involves downloading a security certificate that your device will use to connect to the wireless network.

Once onboarded, you can use the new Mendocino network at any college site.

Video Walkthroughs:


What if I need assistance?

For assistance in getting connected to the wireless network, contact the IT Help Desk via email or phone at 707-468-3210. 

We're assembling resources to help students, faculty, administrators, and staff during this period of remote learning and telecommuting. Note: Any commercial services mentioned here are not product endorsements. We're simply passing on information about potential resources.

National Emergency Library: has announced an online library of more than 1.4M books to support "emergency remote teaching, research activities, independent scholarship, and intellectual stimulation while universities, schools, training centers, and libraries are closed".  Browse the library at

Free/Expanded Services to Support Learning and Working from Home: Bleeping Computer has assembled a list of the various companies who are offering their services for free to help. The offerings are from companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and RingCentral.

Low-Cost Internet Service: Comcast announced that they're providing the first two months of service free for their Internet Essentials program. The program, designed to give low-income households basic high-speed Internet service for $9.95/mo, is front-loading two free months in order to support people impacted by COVID-19. After the first two months, the customer can cancel the service and not owe any fees, or continue and pay the $9.95/mo regular rate. This could help Mendocino College students without Internet participate in online classes. More information is available at