Mendocino College has a multi-tier leadership structure, which includes:

  • The Board of Trustees is the official elected body of the Mendocino-Lake Community College District.  Its primary role is to set the overall operating policies of the College District;
  • The Superintendent/President who is appointed by the Board of Trustees, to carry out these policies;
  • The Academic Senate which acts the representative of the faculty and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees of the Mendocino-Lake Community College District on all academic and professional matters;
  • The Classified Senate which is a dedicated body who supports the college's mission of promoting student success through its active role in the participatory governance process, including representing the needs, concerns, and viewpoints of classified staff, providing a venue for informed decision-making, coordinating with administration and faculty for classified representation, and providing opportunities to develop leadership skills; and
  • The Associated Students of Mendocino College which represents the student body, raising money for student activities and scholarships, and promoting individual students tot take responsibility for their performance, health, wellbeing, and education.