Access Technology at Mendocino College 

The High-Tech Center in the Learning Skills Lab at Mendocino College can equip you with the latest in Assistive Technology and Alternative Media to boost your skills as a student and career.   

Many of the same accessibility tools you use as a student can assist you later on in the workplace and at home- that's why it is a great idea to explore your options with the support of our Alternative Media/ Assistive Technology Specialist, Jennifer Justice.  

We are located in Room 4131 on the lower level of the Library Building on the Ukiah Main Campus.  

Based on your specific needs, we can connect and train you on any of the following services:  

  • Text-to-speech software 
  • Audiobooks and digital textbooks  
  • Reading apps 
  • Screen/ display customization 
  • Braille or large print  
  • Screen magnification 
  • Voice controls and dictation software 
  • Closed captioning 
  • Keyboard and mouse controls 
  • RTT/TTY 
  • Note taking apps 
  • Time management and organization apps 
  • Customization of accessibility for Google Chromebook, Windows 10, or Mac OS. 
  • Scanning technology 
  • Ergonomic solutions 

Contact us for more information at 707-468-3031 or email us at You can also check out Access Technology You Can Use for Life on Canvas for direct links to guided tutorials and our favorite accessibility apps.