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to complete the upgrades at the Coastal Field Station?

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Ways to Give

  1. Most ‘bang-for-your-buck:  A check for your tax-deductible gift mailed directly to us!
  • You could personally make your check out to Mendocino College, and send it c/o Steve Cardimona, 1000 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah, CA 95482.
  • Or you could have a check disbursed by your financial institution. To: Friends of the Mendocino College Coastal Field Station and Natural Sciences, c/o Steve Cardimona, 1000 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah, CA 95482. EIN 68-0040876.  Have your financial institution note your name on the check for us to know who it is from!

Note:  As disbursement from your IRA, you can also use your qualified charitable donation to meet all or part of your IRA’s required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year. Traditional IRA owners must start taking RMDs at age 70½ or face tax penalties. The charity must receive your donation by Dec. 31 for you to apply it to that year’s tax return. Roth IRAs do not require distributions while the account holder is alive.

  1. You may donate using PayPal via the Mendocino College Foundation website by choosing your donation amount and then selecting the "Friends of the Mendocino College Coastal Field Station & Natural Sciences (FMCCFSNS), Affiliate Group".


The Field Station near Pt. Arena, California, a 15-acre property with its cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, provides unique opportunities for studying marine life, coastal prairie flora, and the abundant geological features.  This jewel, with its original Coast Guard structures and the awe-inspiring beauty of the surroundings, has unmatched opportunities for students to study and learn in a unique, unspoiled marine environment.

In early 2015, a group of concerned citizens organized a non-profit affiliate of the Mendocino College Foundation to support the Field Station through financial aid and volunteer work, both of which have been enthusiastically taken on by college faculty, students, and community members. Some of the most desperately needed maintenance and improvements have been accomplished; however, there is a continuing list of important deferred maintenance projects, both for the current physical facilities and for future educational activities.

Help us during our capital campaign to meet our fundraising goal!

For Other Information About Programs at the Mendocino College Coastal Field Station


Steve Cardimona, Chair of the Mendocino College Coastal Field Station Committee, 1000 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah, CA 95482

Tel: (707)468-3219
Email: scardimo@mendocino.edu

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For emergency information, please download and review the document here.

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For an approved class trip, you will need to download the following forms:

You should contact the chair of the college Field Station Committee to schedule your use and submit your application.


To submit a request to visit the Mendocino College Coastal Field Station, you must

  • Fill out the online Inquiry Form.
  • Download and submit an Application for Use of Facilities no later than 10 working days prior to desired use.  Note: There will be a $25 application fee for first-time users, a fee that is waived upon second and future use requests by the same organization or individual.  An estimate of total fees to be charged will be given at time of submission of application based on expected use.  Upon approval of use, fees will need to be paid by check made out to Mendocino College and received no later than 60 hours ahead of start time of intended use.
  • Plan to submit an Assumption of Risk and Release form for each participant (once your use request has been reviewed and approved).

Important notes:  

  • Approval for use of campus facilities requires proof of liability insurance and submission of a Certificate of Insurance verifying such coverage, which names Mendocino-Lake Community College District as an "additionally insured" on the applicant's policy, at least 10 days prior to requested use date (cf. Application for Use of Facilities).  
  • Users will be responsible for any damage resulting from their visit.
  • Nominal fees are charged for use of the facility. Use fees will need to be paid by check made out to Mendocino College and received no later than 60 hours ahead of start time of intended use.  If fieldwork plans change after submission of payment, expect at least two weeks for processing of any relevant refund.

In order to help ensure your use request can be coordinated with internal Mendocino College use needs, please plan to contact us after the following dates for the pertinent use time frame:

  • April 1 for summer use request (June-July)
  • June 1 for fall semester use (August-December)
  • November 1 for spring semester use (January-May)

If you are interested in including use of the Mendocino College Coastal Field Station in your grant proposal, please contact Steve Cardimona.



Steve Cardimona, Chair of the Mendocino College Coastal Field Station Committee
Tel: (707)468-3219
Email: scardimo@mendocino.edu


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