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Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) is an instructional program in which students earn college credit for what they learn while working at paid jobs or as volunteers (even if self-employed). 

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"I have learned more in one unit of CWEE than three units in other classes. CWEE gave me the opportunity to use reality-based experiences -some good and some not so good- to my advantage in becoming a professional person in the workforce. I not only benefited educationally but prospered financially: four different promotions and career advances directly related to CWEE. Thank you again for your guidance, expertise, and overall great advice" - Linda Wootton

You can earn up to 6 units of college credit per semester while at work. There are probably job skills you are already learning; you should get transferable credit for that. You can earn credit even if you are a volunteer or self-employed. You can repeat CWEE courses for up to 16 units that apply to an Associate’s Degree and transfer to California State Universities as elective credit.

There are no prerequisites or other courses to enroll in and after the initial orientation, there are no class meetings. The learning takes place on the job. Students, along with their employer or supervisor, develop Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for each unit. These SLOs are what the student will learn over the semester. The CWEE instructor will meet with the supervisor near the middle of the semester to check the student’s progress toward the SLOs. At the end of the semester the student will write a self-evaluation and the supervisor will also submit an evaluation.

Do I need a job in order to enroll in CWEE?

Yes, you need to either be employed in a paid job or work as a volunteer. Student Worker positions qualify you for CWEE. You can also be self-employed.

Will the college help me find a job?

Please contact the Mendocino College Career Hub for assistance with finding a job. 

Can I enroll in CWEE if I am self-employed?

Yes, a person who is self-employed is eligible for CWEE, as long as they can develop learning objectives that new knowledge and/or skills or improvements in what they know and do. As a self-employed person, you will need to have someone supervise your progress in achieving your learning objectives. Your CWEE instructor can help you with this. 

What if my job is out of the area? Can I still enroll in CWEE at Mendocino College?

Yes, as long as there is a reliable way for the CWEE instructor to confirm your employment and communicate with your supervisor.

Do I have to be enrolled in other courses at the college in order to enroll in CWEE?

No. Students can enroll in CWEE without enrolling in other courses.

How late in the semester can I enroll in CWEE?

Typically, students can enroll in CWEE up to about a month before the end of the semester, at the discretion of the CWEE instructor. The specific date varies by semester; contact the CWEE instructor for the cut-off date for this semester.

Do I have to attend weekly classes for CWEE?

No. Follow the instructions in your Canvas CED account.

Can I repeat CWEE courses for credit?

Yes. You can repeat CWEE for up to 16 units.

Does credit earned by taking CWEE courses apply to a degree? Does the credit transfer?

Yes. CWEE units apply to your degree like any other elective credit. CED 195 units transfer to the California State University system, and to many private universities.