This statement of rights and responsibilities is designed to clarify those rights which the student may expect to enjoy, and the obligations which admission to the College places upon the student.

The submission of an application for admission to Mendocino College represents a voluntary decision on the part of the prospective student to participate in the programs offered by the institution pursuant to the policies, rules and regulations of the community college, the State of California, and the Federal Government. In turn, college approval of that application represents the extension of a privilege to join the college community and to remain a part of it so long as the student meets required academic and behavior standards.

Students are guaranteed the privileges of exercising their rights without fear or prejudice. Such rights include the following:

Student Rights

  • To have the opportunity to achieve one's maximum potential through access to higher education.
  • To have the freedom to exercise all of the rights of citizenship through free inquiry, expression, and association.
  • To have the right of privacy and confidentiality.
  • To have the right of representation on committees recommending policy and procedure to the Superintendent/President on matters pertaining to, but not limited to, academic standards, student services and curriculum.
  • To have the right to receive quality education, including:
  1. the right to competent instruction in course and programs offered by the college;
  2. the right to assistance in overcoming educational, cultural, emotional, economic, and/or physical handicaps or disadvantages which may hinder the educational process;
  3. the right to receive from each instructor, in writing, on a timely and regular basis, a clear description of each course, outlining the material to be covered, course requirements, including both academic and performance standards and expectations, attendance policies, and methods an standards of grading.
  • To have the right to fair and equal treatment, including, but not limited to, instruction, evaluation, and special services by instructors, staff, students, administrators and trustees.
  • To have the right to procedural due process in disciplinary proceedings and student grievance proceedings.

Student Responsibilities

  • To be knowledgeable of and comply with the directives, regulations, and laws established by the Board of Governors, the Board of Trustees, the College Administration and the Associated Students of Mendocino College.
  • To respect the rights of individuals and groups to independent action as long as the exercise of these rights does not interfere with the parallel rights of others, including the avoidance of any action or actions which may interfere with the educational processes of the College.
  • To be knowledgeable of and comply with the directives, regulations and laws of duly constituted civil authorities.