Standards for Probation 

A student shall be placed on probation at Mendocino College under the following conditions: 
1. Academic Probation:  A student who has attempted at least 12 units, as shown by the official academic record, shall be placed on academic probation if the student has earned a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0 in all units which were graded on the basis of the Mendocino College grading scale. 
2.  Progress Probation: A student who has enrolled in at least 12 cumulative semester units at Mendocino College, as shown by the official academic record, shall be placed on progress probation when the percentage of all units in which the student has enrolled, for which entries of “W”, “I”, “NC” and “NP” are recorded reaches or exceeds fifty (50) percent. 
3. Continuing on Probation:  A student shall continue on probation when the cumulative minimum standards are not met in each semester of enrollment.  At the end of the third consecutive semester of probation, the student will be dismissed. 
Removal from Probation

Students may be removed from probation only when the grade point average or progress probation grades meet the standards required. 
1.  Academic Probation:  The student on Academic Probation for a grade point deficiency shall be removed from probation when the cumulative grade point average is 2.0 or higher. 
2. Progress Probation: The student on Progress Probation because of excess units for which entries of “W”, “I”, “NC” and “NP” are recorded shall be removed from probation when the percent of units in this category drops below fifty (50) percent. 
Notification of Probation 
Students will be notified of their academic standing and the availability of college support services to address their academic difficulty before the student is dismissed.  The letter notifying the student of probation will cover, at a minimum, the implications of being on probation and description of the services available. At the end of the third semester on which the student is on academic or progress probation, they will be notified they are subject to dismissal.  A student who is on academic probation and earns a semester grade point average of 2.00 or better shall not be dismissed as long as this minimum semester grade point average is maintained.