Students can meet with tutors virtually.  Please access online tutoring through your class Canvas.

Tutoring Options: 

  • EDU 500 (Peer Tutoring)- Online, through Zoom. Our tutors are faculty-approved to help you through your coursework. Peer tutoring is offered in-person in the Learning Center and online (by selecting link in your class Canvas). Offered for Math, English/Writing, and Spanish.

  • NetTutor- Online, 3rd party tutoring. Accessible through your class Canvas. Most subjects offered.

  • Math Lab- Math Lab is faculty-led tutoring and is offered in the Learning Center and online (accessible through your class canvas).

  • Writing Lab- Writing Lab is faculty-led tutoring for English/Writing and is offered in the Library and online (accessible through your class Canvas).

To live chat on your computer, follow these directions below to get started:

  • Use Chrome or Firefox for your browser. If you don't have Chrome or Firefox on your computer, you will need to download it.
  • Have your webcam ready.
  • Have your microphone or a headset with a mic ready.
  • Access the links though your class Canvas.
  • *All video chats are recorded for security purposes*