At a Glance
Associate of Science Degree
4 Semesters

The Natural Resources Associate of Science degree offers an introduction to the Earth’s physical and life science systems through the application of scientific principles, problem solving techniques and critical thinking, with an emphasis on hands-on, experiential learning to address modern issues with our natural systems and society. Students will study relationships among natural systems, earth resources and society as applied to understanding biodiversity, our changing climate, and resource management. Students can use the Natural Resources Associate of Science degree to build their resume in support of finding their next local job, or it can prepare students for transfer to a four-year institution to major in environmental science or similar field. As with all degree programs, students who intend to transfer to a four-year institution should research the transfer institution's requirements and plan to complete the CSU GE Breadth pattern or IGETC GE pattern. Please check with a counselor for more specific transfer information.

Natural Resources - Program Requirements