At a Glance
Associate of Arts Degree
4 Semesters

Liberal Arts and Sciences with an emphasis in Native American Studies is designed to introduce students to the field. Students will study history and culture from a Native American perspective while improving their analytical skills. This program is designed to foster an appreciation of Native American heritage while also providing students with the tools to view both the Native American experience and the dominant culture critically. Upon completion of this degree, students will be prepared for entry-level positions in public institutions, non-profits, federal Indian law, tribal government, Native American education, or other organizations that require a good facility with college level reading and writing skills and critical and analytical thinking. The Liberal Arts and Sciences with an Emphasis consists of: 1) An Area of Emphasis* consisting of a minimum of 18 units; 2) The Mendocino College 18 unit General Education requirements; 3) The remainder of the 60 required units for the degree in degree-applicable electives, including Institutional Requirements. This degree provides the maximum flexibility in program design leading to the Associate of Arts Degree.

Liberal Arts and Sciences with an Emphasis in Native American Studies - Program Requirements