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Human Services Paraprofessional Certificate of Achievement

The Human Service Paraprofessional Certificate of Achievement (HUS-P) program prepares students for employment in human service agencies (Social Services; Mental Health, Public Health and Community-Based Organizations). The Program provides students with the knowledge and skills to fulfill Human Service Paraprofessional duties and responsibilities in a competent and ethical manner, with an understanding of and sensitivity to the diverse populations which they will serve.

Human Service Paraprofessionals are non-professional employees who provide services under the supervision of certified and/or licensed counselors, social workers, nurses, and/or other professionals. Human Service Paraprofessionals may be members of a team or work with little direct supervision. Typical duties include: determining clients’ needs and referring them to appropriate services; assisting clients in the application for benefits and other social programs; co-facilitating individual, family and group counseling sessions; developing treatment or case plans and monitoring clients’ progress in fulfilling the plans; providing training in daily living skills; advocating for clients before social and government agencies; and maintaining case records and reports.

Employers prefer to hire Human Service Paraprofessionals who have completed post-secondary certificate training and who have some on-the-job experience, such as that provided by Cooperative Work Experience Education or an internship class. This program meets these employer needs, and gives students a clear employment advantage over untrained, inexperienced job applicants.

For many, the HUS-P program will be the beginning of a career and academic path. Students seeking immediate employment can complete the Certificate Program, and then complete General Education requirements for the Human Service Associate of Science Degree while working. Students who wish to continue their education in Human Services-related disciplines at four-year colleges will have the ability to work in fields akin to their academic studies, and this work experience will add meaning, purpose and direction to their college coursework.

Human Services Paraprofessional - Certificate Requirements

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Number of students who completed this progam between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017: 0

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