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Certificate of Achievement
2 Semesters

Digital Arts and Media Certificate of Achievement

This certificate will prepare the student for employment in the field of digital design and media production. It consists of experiences in applied design, graphic design principles, layout and design, and multimedia production. The focus is upon an introduction to advertising thinking, visual communication, and skills in graphic design and preparing art for reproduction.

Digital Arts and Media - Certificate Requirements

Career and Labor Statistics for Northern California

Graphic Designers
    Jobs in 2015: 447
     5 Year Change: +1%
     Annual Openings: 16

     Jobs in 2015: 259
     5 Year Change: +3%
     Annual Openings: 10

Producers and Directors
     Jobs in 2015: 154
     5 Year Change: +6%
     Annual Openings: 8

Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
     Jobs in 2015: 137
     5 Year Change: +8%
     Annual Openings: 5

Commercial and Industrial Designers
     Jobs in 2015: 57
     5 Year Change: +4%
     Annual Openings: 2

Multimedia Artists and Animators
     Jobs in 2015: 81
     5 Year Change: -5%
     Annual Openings: 2

     Jobs in 2015: 1,135
     5 Year Change: +3%
     Annual Openings: 43

Data from the Centers of Excellence for the North/Far North Consortia, 9/21/17.
The North/Far North Consortia includes 15 community colleges, from Sacramento to the Oregon border, and the Nevada border to the Pacific Ocean.

Additional Information

Number of students who completed this program between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018: 0

Gainful Employment Template

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•The amount of Federal student loan debt;
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•The number of students who completed the program within the normal program time;

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Prepress/Desktop Publishing and Digital Imaging Design
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