At a Glance
Certificate of Achievement
4 semesters

This certificate will include the theory and operation of hybrid and electric vehicle operation. Each of the major manufacturers’ vehicles is discussed along with the safety and service procedures that apply to these vehicles. Hands-on activities include major service procedures and basic diagnostics on the most common hybrid and electric vehicles in the market today. with hands-on course provides an overview of both conventional and alternative fuels with their impact on vehicle emissions in gasoline engines. In addition, advanced vehicle technologies such as hybrid electric, direct injection, and fuel cells are explored. Topics include gasoline, E85, M85, CNG, LPG, RNG, RVs, HEVs, Fuel Cells, and dynamometer testing. Completion of this course helps students prepare for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) F1 Alternative Fuels Certification in addition to the ASE L3 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist Certification.