I have been teaching high school equivalency for Mendocino College for the past year and a half, and I previously taught high school equivalency and ESL at Anderson Valley Adult School.  In addition to my role as a teacher, I also co-manage Anderson Valley Adult School and I facilitate an after-school community service program for junior high and high school students in Anderson Valley.  I grew up on the east coast of the U.S., in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and I came to California in the year 2000 for college. I received my BA in Child Development from Stanford University and later my master's in Public Policy from UC Berkeley, after some years working to improve the criminal justice system in California. I now live in Boonville with my husband (a high school teacher) and my two boys, ages 5 and 2.  We are currently living in tents while we build our own home! When I'm not working, I love to garden, read, spend time at the ocean, sing, hike, backpack and do any sort of outdoor activity.