English as a Second Language

Lilia Albuquerque ESL

Lilia Albuquerque has been teaching ESL in California since 1990 and at Mendocino College since 2002.

In the late 70s, Albuquerque pursued her studies of Waldorf education, a holistic approach to pedagogy that values the arts, at Emerson College in England, an international center with students from 28 countries.  She received her TESOL from the Royal Society of Arts in London in 1980 and started teaching ESL at Cultura Inglesa in Rio de Janeiro in 1981. “Breaking the Language Barrier,” the title of an interview on the front page of the Ukiah Daily Journal in 1991, captured the essence of her ESL teaching journey comprising California Human Development, Dharma Realm Buddhist University, Mendocino County Office of Education Even Start Program, Fetzer Vineyards, and Intrax Global Education & Exchange.

Being trilingual, her international background includes producing a world music radio program since 1989. Now specializing in online courses and also serving as an ESL Program Specialist, Albuquerque enjoys empowering students from around the world in their language goals and invites you to make yourself at home in our local global village.