My name is Dr. Greg Hicks. I am a professor of Health Science at Mendocino College.  I have been teaching at Mendocino College since January 1997. I teach a variety of health courses here at the College. These include: HLH 104 "Medical Terminology",  HLH 200 "Heath Education", HLH 202 "First Aid and CPR" (with 'Trauma Block'),  HLH 214" Foods and Nutrition" and HLH 215 "Therapeutic Nutrition". I also teach other disciplines, which include: fencing (all levels, foil, saber and epee), and self-defense courses. Additionally, I stay very busy writing health related grants for various agencies, as well as conducting evaluation research for various programs. I have been teaching many of these classes now for over 20 years.  I have been teaching other health related classes (both undergrad and graduate levels) since 1988. I am very passionate about all the subjects that I teach!!!