Mendocino College Fine Woodworking offers a one to two year program in cabinetry and furniture making as well as prerequisite workshops during the summer. 

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Prospective Students for the Fine Woodworking Program

Mendocino College Fine Woodworking offers a one to two year program in cabinetry and furniture making as well as prerequisite workshops during the summer. 

All of our courses are designed for the aspiring cabinetmaker who hopes to combine sensitivity with personal expression, patiently striving toward a goal best described as fine craftsmanship. We view craftsmanship as our legacy from James Krenov and other woodworkers who have striven toward consistent excellence, which is perhaps the best definition of the word quality. Our efforts toward this goal have been recognized by the woodworking community around the world. 


In July 2017, the program came under the auspices of Mendocino College, after 35 years with College of the Redwoods. In practice this means that students from 2017 onwards will register with, pay fees to, and graduate from Mendocino College. There has been no change at all to the internal workings of the program, the facilities, the staff or curriculum. 

The program is open to serious woodworkers of intermediate and advanced ability, and is intended to prepare students for careers as independent designers/crafts workers. All applicants should have completed and passed WOD 70A and WOD 70B or equivalency. Whether or not potential applicants have a professional background or significant experience in woodworking is less important than their objective in applying. We expect a fair knowledge of machine tools and the woods most common to fine furniture making – as well as patience, an openness toward refinement of methods, and a singleness of purpose aimed at doing one’s best all along the way.

All qualified applicants will be placed in a lottery.

To download the application:

Visiting the Program

We encourage prospective students to visit our fine woodworking program at 440 Alger Street, Fort Bragg, California, to gain a first-hand impression. Please call 707-964-7056 in advance to arrange an appropriate time. Such visits are for information only and do not improve changes of acceptance. You should not feel disadvantaged if you are unable to visit.

International Students

The program has attracted students from all over the world, with at least two or three in every class. We are once again accepting international applications to our program. For information about applying as an international student, please contact Anastasia Simpson-Logg at Admissions and Records at 707-468-3102 or via email at Students should also visit /international.


To be eligible for the program, applicants should have completed and passed WOD-70A and WOD-70B, a cabinetmaking and millwork course, offered through Mendocino College at the Laytonville site or at the Krenov building in Fort Bragg. An equivalent course can also be substituted for these courses. Equivalency can be woodworking instruction at another institution, or practical experience. If you using other coursework or experience to apply, you will be required to fill out a Prerequisite Course Equivalency Form which will help us determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for our program. The form can be obtained at this link: /sites/default/files/docs/admissions/prerequisite_course_equivalency_form_rev_20111024_writable_.pdf

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