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Computer Science at Mendocino College...

Why study computer science? Besides being fun and challenging, the job outlooks are fantastic and you can also apply what you learn to helping society (see TED Talk with Jane McGonigal on using Games to solve existing problems)

Job Outlook for Computer Science:

  1. Computer Science and related fields are projected for "Better than Average Growth" through 20241
  2. With 500,000 current openings and only 50,000 Computer Science graduates each year, there is a real shortage2
  3. Students earning a BS degree in Computer Science or closely related field, currently see...
  • Highest employment rate right after graduation2
  • 2nd highest starting salaries

Mendocino College's Computer Science Department is also a Certified Academic partner with leaders from industry including:

  • Cisco Networking Academy
  • Oracle Academy
  • CompTIA Authorized Academy

1. https://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/home.htm


Recommended Introductory Courses

CSC 102: IT and Computer Science Career Exploration (1 cr.) - In this course, students explore the wealth of opportunities within the broad area encompassing Computer Science, Technology and Media. The main product for students will be a plan to achieve selected career goals.

CSC 220: Introduction to Computer Science (4 cr.) - In this course students review and experiment with a wide range of computer science topics including how numbers and text are stored and read by the computer, how digital circuits work, how to program in a modern language like Python, and how to control physical hardware via computer code.

Faculty & Staff