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Cooperative Work Experience Education & Occupational Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) are instructional career exploration and oriented programs that offer students the opportunity to study, learn, and earn college credit for what they “learn” while “working” as a paid employee, an intern, or as a volunteer.

"I have learned more in one unit of CWEE than three units in other classes. CWEE gave me the opportunity to use reality based experiences -some good and some not so good- to my advantage in becoming a professional person in the work force. I not only benefitted educationally but prospered financially: four different promotions and career advances directly related to CWEE. Thank you again for your guidance, expertise, and overall great advice" Linda Wootton

Enrolling in one of our Cooperative Work Experience Education programs offers students the opportunity to earn 0.5 to 8 units per semester; a total of 16 units a year! The job skills learned on the job and here at Mendocino College allow dual learning and professional development for students and the employer. CWEE course units earned can be applied to certification and degrees of study and transferable to continued collegiate programs and California State Universities (CSUs) as elective credit and/or degree programs.

Enrollment is all year round, there are no pre-requisites or other courses to enroll in, and after the initial orientation there are no class meetings. Learning takes place on the job. Students, along with college coordination, employer or supervisor guidance and approval, develop Student Learning Objectives and Outcomes (SLOs) for each unit. These SLOs are what the student will learn and strive for completion over the semester. A CWEE instructor will meet with the employer or supervisor during the semester to review the student progress toward the established SLOs. At the end of the semester the student and employer or supervisor will write separate evaluations to validate educational, career and job performance outcomes.

“Learn while you Earn” is Education that Works!

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