Students are required to adhere to the college's Academic Honesty Guidelines. Students are expected to avoid any type of dishonesty including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Plagiarism (copying someone else's sentences or phrases, using another author's ideas without acknowledgement of the source, re-writing a research paper that incorporates significant material from a paper written by another person, submitting a research paper borrowed from another student or commercial use).
  2. Cheating.
  3. Fabrication.
  4. Duplication of assignments.
  5. Aiding in dishonesty.
  6. When an instructor is confronted with evidence of academic dishonesty s/he will take appropriate action against the student. This action may include: reassignment of the paper, exam, or project; assignment of a failing grade; or recommendation to the Superintendent/President for dismissal from the course.

Specific information on academic honesty may be obtained in the Student Conduct Guidelines available from the Office of the Dean of Student Services.