Mendocino College currently offers both a 2-year Registerd Nursing Program and an LVN to RN Bridge Program. Completing the program leads to eligibility for licensure as a registered nurse (RN). Upon completion, the graduate will receive an Associate Degree in Nursing and will be eligible to sit for the California State Board of Registered Nursing licensing exam (NCLEX). The Mendocino College RN program was accredited in 2003 by the California State Board of Registered Nursing.

The Associate Degree program is a 2-year full-time program that offers a series of courses that combine academic classes on campus, skills practice in the nursing skills laboratory, and patient care experience in various hospitals and facilities primarily in the Lake-Mendocino area. 

Mendocino College has a current Nursing Program NCLEX Pass Rates of 100%!

What is a Registered Nurse and What Do They Do?
Registered Nurses (RNs) have a variety of roles in health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment of illness or injury. Primarily, RNs are patient advocates and consistently apply educational techniques in their care of others. RNs may target their education toward an individual, family, a specific group, or an entire community. RNs are directly responsible for patient observation and assessment and often lead a health care team. RNs may be assisting physicians during procedures, may complete procedures ordered by a physician, may administer medications, and must integrate a variety of patient information into the formulation of a nursing care plan. The job of RN involves multi-tasking and critical thinking.

The job opportunities for RNs are varied. RNs can work in a hospital, a clinic, in an extended care facility, as a case manager, in management positions, as a traveling nurse, as a school nurse, as a home health nurse, or as a hospice nurse. Areas of specialization in which nurses can focus include cardiac nursing, obstetrical nursing, emergency nursing, pediatric nursing, trauma nursing, cancer nursing, AIDS care, diabetes care, medical nursing, surgical nurse, wound care, geriatric nursing, and flight nursing. RNs can continue their education and obtain advanced degrees that give them even more career options such as Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Educator. The current job market makes nursing a career with many opportunities and choices.

Types of Nursing Programs Available at Mendocino College

  • RN Program - this type of program consists of a two-year sequence of nursing coursework. Students can apply to the RN program after completing General Education and Prerequisite Courses and meeting other requirements listed below. No prior nursing experience is typically needed, but some programs require a nursing assistant background for admission. Degrees for this type of program include: ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) which can be obtained at the community college level; BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), and MSN (Masters Degree in Nursing), both of which require admission to a four-year college or university. The ADN program can be taken at the community college level and then the student can continue on for their BSN while working as an RN. For a list of RN programs in California go to
  • LVN-to-RN Program - this type of program is usually called a "bridge"  or "career ladder" program. This program is for those already licensed in California as LVNs who want to continue their education in order to become RNs. These students are often given advanced placement when entering an RN program, and may be admitted either in the first or second year of courses. Often, these programs are on a space-available basis in a RN program. For a list of LVN-to-RN programs in California go to

Interested in Nursing?

  • Prior to applying to any nursing program, interested students should meet with an academic counselor for guidance and information about prerequisite coursework.
  • All general education (GE) coursework and nursing prerequisites must be completed by the end of the semester in which you submit an application. 
  • An application to the nursing program is required, and only complete applications are reviewed.
  • Applications are only accepted during specific application periods except for advanced standing applications which can be accepted at any time.

The Nursing Application Handbooks are available on-line during open application periods. You may not enroll in nursing courses unless you have been formally admitted to the nursing program. There is a specific application period for each nursing program.

The application cycle for the class entering FALL 2015  is now closed. The next application cycle will open on February 1, 2016 for Fall 2016 admissions. Applications for the Spring 2016 LVN to RN Bridge Program will be available October 5, 2015.

  Admission Process  

Acceptance into the ADN program is based on a Multi-Criteria Screening Process as defined in AB 1559 (Berryhill) and California Education Code Section 78261. This law provides for a community college registered nursing program where the number of applicants exceeds its capacity, to admit students using a multi-criteria screening process.

  • ORIENTATION WORKSHOP The orientation workshop is a pre-application requirement for RN, LVN to RN, and Advanced Standing applicants. Workshops are in-person classroom learning sessions designed to familiarize applicants with the requirements and proccesses for submitting an application. Workshop dates are posted approximately 2 months prior to each application period. Workshop attendance is required every other year for repeat applicants.
  • TEAS TESTING  The TEAS 5 Test is a pre-entrance requirement.  TEAS V testing assesses an applicants knowledge in the areas of Math, Science, Reading and English. Applicants must achieve a 62% composite score to be considered for admission into the Mendocino College Nursing Program.
  • To Register for the TEAS exam, or for information and study guides go to Study and testing resources are also available online through the Mendocino College Library. Click on Learning Express Library, register as a new user, choose jobs and careers, then Nursing and Allied Health.
  • Potential students are strongly encouraged to use college resources, and their own study materials in addition to ATI prep information to prepare for the TEAS V exam.  If during an application period, a students has taken the exam within the past year and did not receive a 62% or higher, the student is ineligible to apply for the nursing program at this time.
  • ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA Initial application processing uses the California Community College Chancellor’s Office formula for acceptance, which calculates overall GPA, science GPA, and English GPA, including a negative calculation for a repeated science prerequisites (Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology) due to a non-passing grade (C-, D, or F) in the previous 7 years. An applicant must achieve a minimum formula score of  80% to be considered for admission.  Enter your grades in the spreadsheet here to calculate your score. Applications that score at 80% or above and meet all other requirements, are chosen by a random computerized selection process (lottery). Those who are sent offers of admission will still need to meet other criteria as described in the application handbook including a background check and timely response to additional program requirements. 


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