Upcoming Exhibits

Fall 2020 Exhibits

      1. Ceramics Invitational, Nationally and Locally 

      2. 7 Sisters – Community Influencers

             *(7 local women working in various mediums)

Spring 2021 Exhibits

      1. Russian River Review: Richard McDaniel

              * https://www.richardmcdaniel.com/

              * Painter focusing on the Russian River Watershead.

              * Rachel and Steve to bring Science Eco-slant

               *Photographic Essay on the Area, Ernie Wagh and Alan Nicholas

       2. Pop-Up Gallery Show: The Painting Students of Mendocino College

       3. Annual Spring Student Show and VSSAS 2021


This schedule will be updated as we return to normal on-ground class schedules later in 2020.