Conservatory Cohort

Theatre Makeup

A coordinated series of classes for a cohort of theatre students.

Actor training prepares students not only for careers in theatre, but also equips students with skills of creativity, communication, discipline and teamwork—skills which are essential in all careers and in life. Theatre is thriving at Mendocino College; come join us! 

Mendocino College’s Theatre Conservatory Cohort Experience allows students the opportunity to engage in conservatory style actor training on our Ukiah campus. An intensive series of acting, voice and movement classes occur each afternoon with production rehearsals in the evenings. Students are free to pursue their general education and transfer preparation courses in the mornings (and summer sessions). The cohort group follows a four semester sequence over the course of two years, after which students who have completed the conservatory sequence of classes as well as their general education requirements earn an AA degree in theatre and are prepared to transfer to 4-year institutions. Do note that meeting with a counselor to plan a sequence that fulfills the general education requirements is essential.  Students who commit to the full program of courses receive priority in production casting and benefit from an intensive theatre training experience.  For information about participating in this exciting opportunity, contact Reid Edelman at 468-3172 or e-mail

You can download our current Conservatory Brochure.


Course # Title Day of Week Times Instructor

THE 202
section 0203



Introduction to Dramatic Literature & Script Analysis
(all conservatory students)
(3 units lecture & discussion)

M & W 9:30-10:50 AM

Reid Edelman

THE 208A & B

sections 0589 &  0592

Introduction to Stagecraft
(all conservatory students)
(3 units lecture & lab)

T & Th 9:30 AM-noon Steve Decker
THE 210B
section 0717


Beginning Acting
(first-year conservatory students)
(3 units lecture & lab)

M & W 3:30-5:20

Reid Edelman

THE 210A

section 0713

Acting Improvisation

(all conservatory students)
(3 units)

F 2 - 5:50 PM

Reid Edelman

THE 212A, B, & C, sections

0585, 0586 & 0588

The Actor's Voice

(all conservatory students)
(1 unit)

W 11 AM-1:50 PM Alicia Bales
THE 217A, B, C, D

sections 0561, 0562, 0563 & 0564

Costume Construction & Design

(all conservatory students at least once prior to graduation)
(3 units)

T 6-9:50 PM

Kathy Dingman-Katz

THE 230A, B. C & D

sections 0269, 0270, 2071 or 2072


Contemporary Dance

(all conservatory students)
(2 units)

T & Th 1:30-3:20 PM

Eryn Schon-Brunner

MUS 230A, B, C
sections 0515, 0517, & 0519


Voice (singing)

(all conservatory students)

(1 unit)

M & W

2-2:50 PM
Marilyn Simpson