The Arts


Online Repertory Theatre

ORT is an online theatre ensemble consisting of Mendocino College theatre students as well as members of our local theatre community.  We will be releasing a variety of short online performances throughout the semester. 

Visit the Online Repertory Theatre page to watch the video installments as they are submitted!


The Fine and Performing Arts are thriving at Mendocino College! Our AA degree programs in Art, Music, Theatre and Dance inspire students with both studio experiences and theoretical understanding of these various art forms. Mendocino College students have transferred to excellent BA arts programs and conservatories, and many have gone on to successful professional careers. At Mendocino College, however, we recognize the essential value of arts education for all people, and encourage all students to participate in the arts, whatever their professional and/or academic goals. Our impressive faculty of professional artists and inspired educators engage Mendocino College students in creative endeavors which truly nourish our community.  We invite the public to experience the extraordinary work of our students through an annual season of performances and gallery exhibitions.