Rosa Peredia is a very hardworking and focused individual who commits wholeheartedly to each endeavor she undertakes.  She is a World Languages: Spanish for Native speakers major and plans a career in supporting those affected by the criminal justice system.  During her time at Mendocino College, she pursued and secured an internship at the local courthouse allowing her the opportunity to understand her career choice in practice. Rosa is extremely intelligent and resourceful.  She has been able to successfully navigate obstacles while making the most out of her coursework. After only two semesters in college, Rosa became eligible to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor society; not an easy feat for a first generation college student.  In addition, Rosa’s commitment to her family is a testament to her compassion and sense of loyalty.  She is helping guide her younger sister through high school and setting a positive example.  First generation college students often need to provide financial support for their families, despite their full time status in college.   Rosa does this without complaint or hesitation.  Today, Rosa is a student mentor, helping other CAMP students successfully navigate their first year of college.  It is this work ethic that lead to her acceptance at three universities for transfer; she will be attending CSU Bernardino in the Fall of 2016.

Rosa Peredia

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