Mendocino College Symposium

Mendocino College Symposium

At Mendocino College part of our Mission is to be an, “intellectual, economic and cultural anchor for the region” and it is our responsibility and honor to act in a leading public role in the district. Many Americans today are standing up demanding change throughout the US and in our own communities.  This is not an easy time, but it is an important one.  Change is needed, open, honest discussions are needed, research and soul searching are needed. 

To better serve our community we would like to begin a public lecture series focused on our social and community challenges. This could both feature our professors speaking on topics of interest/research for them and invited speakers from the community or outside sharing their experiences and expertise.  These lectures would be a forum for our students and our community to explore the challenges facing our home and our country.  A chance to learn, to examine and to grow in positive and meaningful ways and hopefully strive for a more equitable world where we come closer to achieving the promises of the American Dream for equality, justice and opportunity in our community.

Announcing our first virtual Lecture in this series:

Picture: Lecture Series - Week 1

Tuesday, October 6 @ 6 pm: Mendocino College Political Science Professor Phil Warf will discuss voter suppression and gerrymandering (how politicians draw congressional districts) and enact voting laws that benefit their party but undermine democracy. Zoom Webinar