New MESA Students

New to MESA?  Becoming a member of MESA requires meeting with the director after you have submitted your application materials. Fill out the application available below, email it in as directed, and then make an appointment to meet. This takes under 15 short minutes and ensures that you are eligible for all that MESA has to offer you!

To apply to become a member of the MESA Program: Click Apply Here

Note that you are not an official member or an associate until you have met with MESA Director Eric Hoefler, either in person or via Zoom. During the appointment, you will be introduced to the MESA program as well as scholarship, internship and field trip opportunities.

While there are certain eligibility requirements, MESA is a program designed to help students who are majoring in Math, Science, and Engineering fields. All students who are majoring in these fields are encouraged to apply.

Any questions? Feel free to stop by the MESA center.

Map of MESA