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What is MESA?

MESA is a statewide program in California that has been in existence for more than two decades. It was initially established by the state legislature to be a program that would:

  • encourage the successful study of mathematics, science and engineering.
  • ensure that California would have a continuous supply of professional engineers and career scientists that would contribute to and support the state’s economy.
  • provide for students who were unlikely to become those scientists and engineers without significant support and encouragement.
  • MESA programs serve students from the elementary grades through graduation at four-year universities. Learn more about the statewide MESA program at

What is MESA at Mendocino College?

The MESA program at Mendocino College is one of more than two dozen MESA programs at community colleges in the state. The MESA program at Mendocino can best be described by identifying its four main components.

1. MESA is a place for students. The MESA Center is the “base of operations” for many MESA students; when they are not in class, they are in MESA studying, relaxing, or interacting with friends. The MESA center has available for students computers with internet access, free printing in limited quantities, space to spread out your books for comfortable study, and a limited number of texts and calculators that can be loaned. There is a refrigerator, coffee pot and a microwave oven available for student use.

2. MESA is academic support. Peer tutors are available in the MESA center to support your learning in core math science and engineering courses. Normally, tutors are available most hours that the center is open. MESA also has faculty members from the sciences and mathematics who volunteer their time in MESA. Schedules for tutors and faculty members are posted here and in the center where copies are available for you to take with you.

3. MESA is a source of information. Emails, the Facebook page, the center whiteboard, posters in the center, and personal communications are ways that you gain access to important information. Information about the process and requirements for transfer, about scholarships, internships, summer research programs, employment opportunities and more are regularly communicated to MESA students. Checking your email and visiting the center regularly will ensure that you do not miss out.

4. MESA is a learning community. The greatest resource MESA has to offer is connection with other MESA members who have similar interests, goals, and life experiences. As a MESA member, you need to consciously make the acquaintance of as many MESA members as you can, and similarly work to develop friendships. Being part of the MESA community, which supports your goals and will encourage and contribute to your success is a key to meeting your academic goals.