Native American Students


Native American Outreach Program’s (NAOP) purpose is to provide academic and personal support services to the prospective and current Native American Students at Mendocino College and commit to hold a place for any Native American Student who is interested in attending Mendocino College by hosting interactive events for the Native American community and public.


Native American Outreach Program wants to:

  • increase the Native American population at Mendocino College
  • improve Native American student access to Mendocino College
  • provide academic and personal support to the current and future Native American students
  • conduct outreach to the local tribes, schools, and community
  • provide study space and up-to-date technology for the students in a designated area
  • create a stronger relationship with the 16 local tribes
  • and create an enrichment program that will help students meet their educational and career goals by educating Native Americans to assist in their community.


Lending Library (Textbooks, ChromeBooks)



Assistance with Tribal Education Funding

Assistance with Admission Process

Assistance with FAFSA

Native American Student Resource Center

Visits to Universities



Please contact us at 707.468.4603 for more information.