Learning Disabilities can make it difficult for students to absorb and process information in the same way as other students in the class. Learning Disabilities are individual differences in how students receive, process, store, and respond to information. This does not mean a student can't learn; it means students with learning disabilities learn differently, and may need to make adjustments in studying and learning.

About 10% of the population is Learning Disabled (LD.) Students who are LD can succeed and even excel, if they get appropriate accommodations, and apply individualized learning strategies. In addition, a DRC Counselor may recommend accommodations for students with Learning Disabilities. LD accommodations do not give students an advantage, they only “create a level playing field”.

If you think you may have a Learning Disability, please make an appointment with a DRC Counselor at 707-468-3031. Students may be referred the Learning Disabilities Specialist, who will discuss your situation with you in greater detail. If a Learning Disability is suspected, testing will be arranged. There is no charge for this testing, but the total process takes two or three appointments and approximately six hours of testing.

Students who have a documented Learning Disability are strongly recommended to enroll in one of the Learning Skills classes (LRS). Courses are available each semester on the Ukiah campus. These classes are designed for students with a documented learning disability. Students apply the information from the LRS classes to their other academic classes. Curriculum is presented in a 50 minute lecture format each week. All classes are .5 unit, pass/no pass, and are late start—9 week courses.

They include:

  • LRS 10– Reading Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • LRS 11– Writing Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • LRS 12– Math Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • LRS 14– Mainstream Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities

The following lab only options are also available:

  • LRS 23 — Learning Skills Laboratory.  This is a .5 (1.5 hours a week) or 1 (3 hours a week) unit course.
  • LRS 523 — Learning Skills Laboratory.  This is a 0 unit course.

All courses require the instructor’s signature. Please check the current semester schedule to see which courses are offered.  For more information, contact Learning Disability Specialist, Tascha Whetzel at 707-468-3151 or twhetzel@mendocino.edu.