Sustainable Construction and Energy Technology: Building Efficiency and Performance

Program Length:
2.8 Semesters
Sustainable Construction and Energy Technology Program
Program Level:
Certificate of Achievement

Building Efficiency and Performance Certificate Requirements 

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The Building Efficiency and Performance Certificate combines technical training in efficiency auditing and retrofitting with building science theory, HVAC training, green building techniques, and business skills. Students completing this certificate will be well positioned to gain employment or start a business in the emerging field of energy auditing, retrofitting and HVAC. This certificate prepares students for a range of industry certifications and can generally be completed within three semesters.


Required Courses (In addition to Program Core Requirements)

  • SCT 180A Construction Fundamentals of Green Building  3 units
  • SCT 193 Building Science & Home Performance               3 units
  • SCT 194 Efficient Heating & Cooling                                 3 units

Electives (minimum 3 units)

  • SCT 182 Residential Remodeling & Repair                         3 units
  • SCT 186 Intro to Residential Electrical Systems                  3 units
  • SCT 195 Introduction to HVAC Maintenance & Repair      3 units







Certificate completion statistics -  

Number of students who completed this program between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017:1

Sustainable Construction and Energy Technology: Building Efficiency and Performance - Student Learning Outcomes

Gainful Employment Template

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