Business Office Technology: Medical

Program Length:
2.2 Semesters
Business Office Technology
Program Level:
Certificate of Achievement

Medical Certifcate of Achievement

The Medical Cerificate of Achievement provides students with the administrative skills necessary for an entry level medical office position in the health care field.  Working environments include hospitals, medical offices, clinics, and other health care facilities.

Required Courses: Units
BOT51 Medical Transcription I 2
BOT52 Medical Transcription II 2
BOT55 Machine Transcription 2
BOT57 Medical Billing/Office Procedures 3
BOT70 Business English 3
BOT101.3 Intermediate Typing/Keyboarding 1
BOT110 Business Calculators 1
BOT111 Business Calculator Simulations 1
BOT120 Microsoft Word, Beginning 1.5
BOT121 Microsoft Word, Advanced 1.5
BOT140 Office Procedures 3
BOT144 Records and Database Managemet 2
BOT170 Written Communication for Business 3
BOT196 BOT-Occupational Work Experience Education 2
CSC164 Electronic Spreadsheets 3
HLH104 Medical Terminology 3
Total Units for Certificate 34