Business Office Technology: Legal

Program Length:
2.2 Semesters
Business Office Technology
Program Level:
Certificate of Achievement

Legal Certificate of Achievement

The Legal Certificate of Achievement is designed for students interested in entry-level employment in administrative positions in attorney's offices, courthouses, or other legal facilities.

Required Courses: Units
BOT55 Machine Transcription 2
BOT70 Business English 3
BOT90.1 Legal Office Procedures 1
BOT90.2 History of Law 0.5
BOT101.3 Intermediate Typing/Keyboarding 1
BOT110 Business Calculators 1
BOT111 Business Calculator Simulations 1
BOT120 Microsoft Word, Beginning 1.5
BOT121 Microsoft Word, Advanced 1.5
BOT140 Office Procedures 3
BOT144 Records and Database Management 2
BOT170 Written Communication for Business 3
BOT196 BOT-Occupational Work Experience Education 2
BOT212 The Legal Environment of Business 3
CSC164 Electronic Spreadsheets 3
Plus 4.5 additional units from the following:
BOT90.3 Landlord/Tenants Rights and Responsibilities 0.5
BOT90.4 Basic Wills and Trusts 1
BOT91.1 Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities 0.5
BOT91.2 California Civil Complaints 1
BOT91.3 California Civil Complaints 1
BOT91.4 California Civil Discovery 1
Total Units for Certificate 33