Business: Management

Business Administration
Program Level:
Associate of Science Degree

Business Management Associate of Science

Business Management prepares students for positions of responsibility or advancement in organizations including retail, manufacturing, and service businesses, and non-profit and governmental agencies. This major offers students the opportunity to acquire or upgrade skills in the areas of personnel management, marketing, sales, finance, accounting, information management, and entrepreneurship. These skills will assist students in the pursuit of managerial careers and successful performance in these positions. 

Required Courses - Major: Units
BUS50 Mathematical Applications in Business 3
BUS136 Introduction to Management 3
BUS200 Financial Accounting 4
BUS230 Introduction to Business 3
BUS201 Computers and Computer Applications 3
Plus 6 additional units selected from the following:
BUS132 Entrepreneurial Management 3
BUS134 Human Relations in Business 3
BUS135 Human Resource Management 3
BUS150 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3
BUS151 Introduction to Marketing 3
BUS159 The Business of Sports 3
BUS196 BUS-Occupational Work Experience Education 1-8
BUS201 Managerial Accounting 4
BUS212 The Legal Environment of Business 3
BOT170 Written Communication for Business 3
CSC164 Electronic Spreadsheets 3
Total Major  Units 22
Total Degree Units 60

Business:  Management - Program Requirements