Automotive Technician

Program Length:
1.4 Semesters
Automotive Technology
Program Level:
Certificate of Achievement

Automotive Technician Certificate of Achievement

This certificate program prepares students with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform diagnosis and repair in the automotive shop environment. This program includes coursework that is essential for entry-level positions and enhances the skills and knowledge base of those who are seeking career progression within the automotive industry. Completing this certificate program prepares students to pass ASE certification tests in the area of brakes, suspension, electrical systems, engines, and engine performance.

Required Courses: Units
AUT140 Automotive Engines 4
AUT142 Brakes/Suspension/Alignment 6
AUT162 Automotive Electrical Systems 5
AUT166 Automotive Diagnosis and Tune-Up 6
Plus 3 additional units selected from the following:
BUS50 Mathematical Applications in Business 3
BUS132 Entrpreneurial Management 3
BUS150 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3
Total Certificate Units 24

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Additional Information

Number of students who completed this program between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017: 2

Automotive Technician - Student Learning Outcomes

Automotive Technician - Certificate Requirements 

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