Alcohol & Other Drug Studies

Alcohol And Other Drug Studies
Program Level:
Associate of Science Degree

Alcohol and Other Drugs Studies Associate of Science

The Alcohol and Other Drug Studies (AODS) major addresses a wide range of issues in the field of substance use and abuse through its degree and certificate course work. Students vary from recent high school graduates to working professionals with advanced college degrees. Students are able to apply and integrate their academic learning through required practicum experiences in various public and private agencies, institutions and businesses. The AODS Program exceeds the minimal standards for AODS Programs established by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. These standards were identified by State of California legislation as meeting the educational requirements for counselor certification. Degree and certificate completers qualify to apply for certification through a variety of state-approved certification boards. Completion of the Associate of Science degree will assist students in obtaining entry-level employment, job promotion/salary increases or transfer to a four-year college or university. As with all programs, students who intend to transfer to a four-year institution should research the transfer institution's requirements and plan to complete the CSU GE Breadth pattern or IGETC GE pattern.

Required Courses - Major: Units
AOD151 Alcohol and Other Drugs: Overview 3
AOD153 Physiology and Pharmacology of Alcohol and Other Drugs 3
AOD158 AOD Practicum Preparation 1.5
AOD164 Field Placement and Practicum Seminar I 1.5
AOD165 Field Placement and Practicum Seminar II 1.5
AOD197A Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Program Practicum 4
HUS152 Basic Skills for Human Service Workers 3
HUS154 Fundamentals of Interviewing and Counseling 3
HUS155 Group Leadership and Group Process 3
HUS156 Case Management and Documentation 3
HUS157 Co-Occurring Disorders and Mental Health Issues 2
HUS159 Intervention Theory and Techniques 2
HUS160 Law, Ethics, and Human Services 2
HUS161 Introduction to Family Counseling Approaches 3
HUS162 Community Prevention Theory and Practice 3
HUS163 Professional Competency and Growth 2
Total Major Units 40.5
Total Degree Units 60

Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Degree - Program Requirements