Agriculture: Viticulture Skills

Program Length:
1.3 Semesters
Program Level:
Certificate of Achievement

Viticulture Skills Certificate of Achievement

This certificate will give the student basic knowledge of the science involved in the growing of grapes, the practical hands-on applications of working with wine grapes and a basic understanding of the business aspects that are involved in the process of growing wine grapes.

Required Courses: Units
AGR56 Small Farm Machinery Operation and Safety 2
AGR100 Plant Pest and Disease Management 3
AGR108 Soils and Fertility Management 3
AGR111 Introduction to Viticulture 3
AGR112 Viticulture Practices 2
AGR116 Sustainable Agricultural Systems 2




AGR-Occupational Work Experience Education


Agriculture Internship




BUS132 Entrepreneurial Management 3
Total Certificate Units 20

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Additional Information

Number of students who completed this program between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017: 0

Agriculture Viticulture Skills - Student Learning Outcomes

Agriculture Viticulture Skills - Certificate Requirements

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