Agriculture: Nursery Production

Program Length:
1.6 Semesters
Program Level:
Certificate of Achievement

Nursery Production Certificate of Achievement

This program is intended for those who wish to pursue a career in the retail or production nursery field. Courses range from plant identification to soils and fertility, pest management, plant propagation and plant biology. The certificate program offers a selection of courses that focus on food and ornamental plant production, including business management. Core courses offer a solid science background in order for the student to gain a greater understanding of how ornamental and food crop plants grow. This basic knowledge is then interwoven with practical cultural and production methods.

Required Courses: Units
AGR100 Plant Pest and Disease Management 3
AGR102 Plant Propagation 3
AGR108 Soils and Fertility Management 3
AGR140 Introduction to Horticulture 3
AGR144 Nursery Management and Practices 3
AGR240 Plant Identification - Fall 3
AGR241 Plant Identification - Spring 3
Plus 2-3 additional units selected from the following:
AGR53 Landscaping with Native Plants 3
AGR147 Greenhouse Projects 1-3
AGR196 AGR-Occupational Work Experience Education 1-8
BUS132 Entrepreneurial Management 3
Total Certificate Units 23-24