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Stuart Campbell


I began teaching at Mendocino College in the Fall of 2017, having moved to Mendocino County in late 2011. I have been teaching at Santa Rosa Junior College for about 16 years, which I continue to do. I have two daughters, Brooke and Morgan, and a granddaughter June (born 2015). I live in Ukiah with my partner Sarah Reith.

Like an increasing segment of the community college student population, I returned to school as an adult. I am familiar with the challenges inherent in pursuing an education while having a family and a job to manage. I earned my undergraduate degree in philosophy from California State University, Sacramento, and then received my Master’s degree in philosophy from the University of California, Davis. Many of Mendocino College’s students have families to support and most need to work either part-time or full-time. Having completed my BA and MA under similar circumstances, I am committed to supporting my students in achieving their educational goals.

Prior to returning to school, I worked primarily as a manager for a number of companies. I have managerial experience in production, personnel training and development, scheduling, logistics, and public relations. I have found that my experience in business grounds my philosophical training, and affords me real-world connections to what some might see as somewhat abstract and esoteric material. A primary intention in my teaching is to make the course content relevant, interesting, and applicable to anyone in his or her daily life.

I have been active in my Mendocino community since moving here. I was the Interim Executive Director & General Manager of KZYX, the Mendocino County Public Broadcasting NPR radio station, which I did for six months from July 2015 to December 2015. I have also served on their Board of Directors as President and Treasurer. In addition, for five and a half years I hosted a bi-weekly radio program where I interviewed authors of books, called "Consider This.”

I love engaging with my students in conversation. In our fast-paced world, many do not take the time to investigate such questions as, "What does it take to fulfill human life?"; "How do we integrate the sacred and the profane?"; "What is the power of communication?"; or "What's the best basis for making moral and political decisions?" We will address such questions (and many more) in my classes. Students often find the conversations engaging and influential. I welcome those of you who choose to join me.

Professional Areas of Interest: 

I am interested in communication, education, religion, and ethics, as they impact us in everyday life. While esoteric and abstract conversations can sometimes be fun, I am mostly concerned with where philosophy meets lived experience.

I was recently elected President of the Mendocino Part-Time Faculty Association (MPFA), and thereby represent all part-time faculty, counselors and librarians in their relationship with the college district.