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Aisha Walls


Aisha has background in a variety of different movement art forms, including Hip-Hop, Capoeira, Ballet, Yoga and Jazz.  As a dancer, she has performed in live stage shows and corporate events around the world.  Most notably, she has performed with Choreographer Ronnie Reddick and musical groups such as Bill Hopkins Rock n Orchestra and the Fundamentals. Her background in television/video includes NFL Replay Commercial, Kia Car Commercial, Bank One Commercial, Will Smith Party Starter Music Video, NFL Streets and the T.V. Land Awards. She has worked with numerous reputable choreographers, such as Emmy winning Toni Basil.  In addition to performing she also loves to teach, and over the years she has taught dance/martial arts to children and adults of all ages.  Some of the programs she has taught for include Laurel Near and Paulette Arnolds School of Performing Arts and Cultural Education, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, Dance Mission Theatre, San Francisco Dance Center, U.S. Performing Arts Camp, Bennington College, University of Albuquerque and Mendocino College.  Aisha’s love of dance and fascination with human biomechanics has inspired her to become a Physical Therapist. In 2012 she graduated from UCSF/SFSU with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  As her cumulating final project she performed an evidence-based review examining the “The Effectiveness of Dance for Improving Balance in Healthy Elderly Adults.” As a part of her training she performed clinical internships at UCSF Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic, California Pacific Medical Center and Tri-City Physical Therapy. Currently, she works at Mendocino Physical Therapy, an outpatient private practice located in Mendocino County.  She is eager to combine her love of dance and movement with Physical Therapy to provide movement artists with high quality rehabilitation and strategies for injury prevention.