AUDITIONS for Wild Fire, a new play by Jody Gehrman

August 20, 2019 - 7:00pm

Jody Gehrman's new play Wild Fire (working title) is our Fall 2019 production. The play is part of the CVPA PHOENIX PROJECT, a college arts initiative confronting human-caused climate change.

Directed by Reid Edelman, the play is an emotional journey examining the impacts of climate change on our physical world and our society spanning three time periods (current, future and farther into the future). It is a disturbing look at the cataclysmic future which awaits us if we fail to adequately address our climate crisis. However, it is also an engaging personal story, following a group of interwoven characters and their descendants; it looks at sacred and artistic elements which define our humanity and make our survival as a species meaningful and worth fighting for.

The play involves various local artistic and multi-cultural themes, including Pomo dancing, Mexican dance/arts, and circus performance. To bring these various aspects of the play to life, we are seeking and depending upon involvement in the production from diverse members of our community.

Open auditions will be held Tuesday August 20 at 6 PM in the Mendocino Colege Center Theatre. All interested performers should attend. We are also looking for stage crew. For more information, go to or contact Reid Edelman at Scripts will be available starting Monday August 12 at the college instruction office (located in the college library).