Student Grievances

The Mendocino-Lake Community College District has developed procedures by which students may obtain a hearing of their grievance(s) involving the interpretation, application, or alleged violation of College rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

This grievance policy does not apply to students who allege violations of the District s nondiscrimination policy, including allegations of sexual harassment or sexual assault. See Board Policies 3410 (Nondiscrimination), 3430 (Prohibition of Harassment), and 3540 (Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus) and their associated Administrative Procedures for allegations of discrimination, harassment, or assault.

Students are responsible for complying with all College regulations and for completing course requirements established by the instructor of each course in which they are enrolled. The College shall ensure that the student, in cases of admission, probation, suspension, or dismissal is afforded due process as stated in the written procedures of the College.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

This statement of rights and responsibilities is designed to clarify those rights which the student may expect to enjoy, and the obligations which admission to the College places upon the student.

Unlawful Discrimination

In compliance with State and Federal law, unlawful discrimination is prohibited in all education and employment practices of the Mendocino-Lake Community College District. Unlawful discrimination is defined as discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment), marital status, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, immigration status, or Vietnam Veteran status.

Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products

In recognition of maintaining a clean and healthful environment, and to reduce fire hazard, smoking and the use of tobacco products will be prohibited on all District property except as listed in the college's administrative regulations. Tobacco products mean any tobacco cigarette, cigar, pipe, smokeless tobacco, snuff or any other form of tobacco which may be utilized for smoking, chewing, inhalation, or other manner of ingestion. Copies of the Smoking Policy may be obtained in the Office of Student Services.

Standards of Conduct

Each student is considered a responsible adult and it is assumed that each will maintain standards of conduct appropriate to membership in the college community. Emphasis at Mendocino College is placed on standards of student conduct rather than on limits or restrictions of students.

Specific information on student conduct is addressed in the College's Student Conduct Policy available in the Office of the Dean of Student Services in Ukiah or at the Lake and Willits Centers.

Student Conduct

Students shall conduct themselves in a manner which does not infringe on the right of others. Complaints which deal with State regulation, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the Educational Amendment of 1972, or Section 504 of the rehabilitation Act of 1973 shall be handled by the college's Affirmative Action Officer.

Open Courses

The policy of Mendocino -Lake Community College District is that, unless specifically exempted by statute or regulation, every course, course section, or class, reported for state aid, wherever offered and maintained by the District, shall be fully open to enrollment and participation by any person who has been admitted to the college and who meets such prerequisites as may be established pursuant to regulations contained in Article 2.5 (commencing with Section 55200) of Subchapter 1 of Chapter 6 of Title V as contained in the California Code of Regulations.

Due Process

In order to ensure due process in handling disciplinary cases, the College will make every reasonable effort to provide students with each of the following:

Drug-free Campus

We ask you to actively support the creation of a drug- and alcohol-free learning environment by knowing and making others aware of college policies and the substantial health and legal consequences of abuse.

Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990

Due Process

In order to ensure due process in handling disciplinary cases, the College will make every reasonable effort to provide students with each of the following:

College Regulations

The policies and administrative regulations of Mendocino College are contained in the Board Policy Manual adopted by the Board of Trustees on an on-going process, and in official publications and procedures of the District. Since the procedures governing the operations of the College are subject to regular review and change because of changing local, state and federal regulations, the District reserves the right to supersede any published policy or procedure as required.

Changes in Academic Requirements

Mendocino College reserves the right to change academic requirements whenever the authorities deem it necessary. Due notice of any changes affecting student progress or academic requirements will be made, and every step will be taken to assure that such changes do not cause hardship or inconvenience to students.

Academic Honesty Guidelines

Students are required to adhere to the college's Academic Honesty Guidelines. Students are expected to avoid any type of dishonesty including, but not limited to the following: