CWEE Orientation Schedules

Summer 2018

Contact Tereise Van Wyhe at 707-468-3047 or 

Read the "Special Notes" at the bottom of this page!

ALL CWEE students must attend one orientation session (Note 1 below). Please sign up for ONE orientation date/time on the sign-in sheet outside the Ukiah CWEE office (or call us at 468-3047) or at the Lakeport or Willits registration desks. You must be ON TIME for the orientation in order to attend the session. Late Enrollees: if you enroll in CWEE after the last scheduled orientation session, contact the CWEE instructor for alternative days/times:

CWEE Orientation Days/Times/Locations

Date Day Time Location Room
6/13/18 Wednesday 1-2:30 pm Ukiah  4135 (LLRC)
      Willits 8002
      Lakeport 7030
      Ft. Bragg 132
6/18/18 Monday 5:30-7 pm Ukiah 4135 (LLRC)
      Willits 8002

Ft. Bragg



  1. ALL students enrolling in Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) MUST attend an orientation meeting, even if you've enrolled in CWEE in past semesters. [Students can be excused from orientations under certain circumstances. See below]. Orientations will begin on time; no one will be allowed into the room after the meeting starts, regardless of the circumstances. If exceptional circumstances prevent you from attending an orientation on one of the dates and times listed, please contact the CWEE office to arrange an alternative orientation meeting.
  2. The Objectives must be approved by both your workplace supervisor and your CWEE instructor.
  3. Your hours will not count toward CWEE until all your Objectives have been approved by the CWEE instructor.
  4. Students are required to meet with the instructor at least once each semester. However, if the initial draft of your Objective(s) is not approved, or if you are not making satisfactory progress in meeting your Objectives, you may be required to meet with the instructor additional times during the semester.

A student may be excused from attending an orientation under the following conditions:

  1. The student completed CWEE the previous semester with a grade of "A".
  2. By the date and time of the final scheduled orientation of the current semester, the student is enrolled in CWEE, has submitted a signed application and has submitted draft Objectives that generally meet the course requirements for Learning Objectives
  3. After submitting the application and Learning Objective(s), the student has communicated with the CWEE instructor and received permission to skip the orientation.
  4. The student agrees to meet with the instructor during the semester when the instructor visits with the employer.

For more information

Contact the CWEE Office at 707-468-3047; or email Helen Falandes at