Do I need a job in order to enroll in CWEE?

Yes, you must be employed as an employee in a paid position, working as a volunteer, or as an intern. You can also be self-employed or a student worker.

Will the college help me find a job?

Please contact the Mendocino College Career Hub for assistance with finding a job. 

Do all students enrolled in CWEE need Learning Objectives and Outcomes?

Yes, all students enrolled in CWEE will create their individualized learning objectives and outcomes. All students as new employees, established employees, interns, volunteers, and self-employed have objectives and outcomes that they will create and work on throughout the enrollment period within their positions.

What if my job is out of the area? Can I still enroll in CWEE at Mendocino College?

Yes, as long as there is a reliable way for the CWEE instructor to confirm your employment and communicate with your supervisor.

Do I have to be enrolled in other courses at the college in order to enroll in CWEE?

No. Students can enroll in CWEE without enrolling in other courses.

How late in the semester can I enroll in CWEE?

Although student enrollment can take place any time during the semester, there are periods of time that students may need a unit/credit attempt assessment. At the discretion of the CWEE instructor, students can enroll up to about the end of the semester if student unit/credit goals can be attained by end of the specific semester. Contact the CWEE instructor for more information.

Do I have to attend weekly classes for CWEE?

No. Follow the instructions in your Canvas CED account.

Can I repeat CWEE courses for credit?

Yes. You can repeat CWEE for up to 16 units in a year.


For more information: Contact CWEE by emailing /