COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Please review before coming to campus:


Mendocino College is committed to protecting your health and safety. For the Summer and Fall 2022 semesters, we have transitioned to more on ground classes and services, but still have many online and hybrid courses available. For a list of classes scheduled, please visit:

As of May 20, 2022 (the Summer Semester) we are no longer requiring students to test weekly or show vaccination status. Please continue social distancing and mindful handwashing.

For questions, please contact the Mendocino College COVID-19 Response team at, or 707.467.1002.

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Mendocino College has implemented several measures over the past year to assure campus safety such as: 

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  • It is strongly recommended that all employees, students, and guests wear masks while indoors on campus.  
  • District-wide air filters replaced with fresh MERV 13 filters for greater air filtration. 
  • Re-programming of building automation systems to maximize fresh air flow as much as possible. 
  • Bipolar Ionization systems installed in all compatible HVAC systems. 
  • Strategic deployment of supplemental air purification systems.  
  • Updating restroom facilities with touchless fixtures.    
  • Addition of custodial staff to provide enhanced daytime cleaning.    
  • Providing hand sanitizing stations at all building entrances.   
  • Providing masks and disinfectant wipes in all offices and classrooms.   


We appreciate you and are making every effort to ensure you are able to continue your education journey while remaining safe and healthy.