CARES ACT Reporting

CARES Act Funds Reporting Information 

A.  HEERF Institutional Expense Report -

  1. HEERF Quarterly Report October 2020
  2.  HEERF Quarterly Report December 2020

B.  Based on CARES Act compliance requirements, Mendocino College is required to publicly disclose the following 7 items:

1)      Certification and Agreement for CARES Act funds were submitted and no less than 50% of funds received under section 18004(a)(1) will be used to provide student grants.

2)      Amount Received from CARE act (Student Portion): $654,919

3)      Amount Distributed to Students: $610,100

4)      Number of students Eligible to Participate in CARES Act: 4,526

5)      Number of students received the CARES act funding: 726

6)      Method used to determined eligibility and amount received: 

Mendocino College developed a chart that provided a base amount to students based on their number of enrolled units. Students had to be enrolled in at least .5 units to receive funding. The base amounts ranged from $250 to $650. Additionally, students had to identify needs in at least one of the following categories: housing, food, course materials, technology, transportation, child care, health care, other. Additional funds were provided based on the identified need. 

7)      Instructions provided to students: Students were notified via email that they had been identified as potential recipients of CARES Act funding. Students had to complete a survey to identify their need. Additionally, students had to identify their eligibility.Students were told that the primary way to confirm their eligibility was to submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) via Another way they could confirm their eligibility was to submit to the Financial Aid Office the following documentation: 

  • Copy of a state issued Identification 
  • Copy of their Social Security Card

Students were then provided with instructions on how to submit the documentation. Once student eligibility was confirmed, disbursements occurred using the BankMobile disbursement process.